A listing that expires can be very frustrating and especially when your phone starts to ring non-stop with agents trying to get you to list with them. I am here to help you move on with your life and sell your property. I specialize in helping expired listings get back on the market and sell for the best price.

So, what do you do now? Do you go it alone, do you give up, or do you relist? Consider this, most properties expire for only a few reasons; the condition or location of the house was too undesirable, the price was not competitive, too many other houses for sale (which is not really a problem in most markets right now) or the listing agent’s marketing was not complete. What was it with your property listing?

Call me today and I can help you overcome any relisting challenge. I have all the tools to make it easier for you to relist your home. All my contact information is in my email. I look forward to helping you.